Category: Infographics

BC Forest Fires

It is an excellent sign when the first client of a new venture becomes a repeat customer. commissioned their second infographic from us; a comparison of the 2012 BC Forest Fires to previous years. The firefighters in this region are truly impressive, containing 92% of all wildfires within the first 24 hours of discovery.

The History of Golf

Golf: a sport with an extensive history. The amount of information we were forced to leave out of this infographic is astounding, but the end result is still an epic walk through the history of golf. This infographic was developed for Predator Ridge Golf Resort located in Vernon, British Columbia. We invite you to share […]

Our First Infographic

The goal of this infographic for was to demonstrate just how significant the website is within the region it serves. One of the most astounding facts uncovered through the development of this infographic is how much time people collectively spend on this website. During one calendar month the accumulated time people spend on the […]

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